PERFECT CHLORO SYSTEM is a Proprietors hipconcern managed by Mr . V . G . Jagan  Narayanan , a Mechanical Engineer with Post Graduation in Management. Further technical support is provided by Mr. T. N .Bala krishnan .B.E [Hons .] with over 30 years experience in Chlor Alkali Industry and in Chlorination field. The Unit was established in the year 1992. Morethan 225 projects have been completed successfully since 1992. All the major industry segments like Chemicals and Fertilizers, Refineries, Pharmaceutical Industries, Pesticide Industries, Power Stations, Petro-Chemicals, Steel Plants, Paper & Pulp Industries, Hotels, Theme Parks, Textiles Industries, Sugar Plants, Cement Plants, Municipalities, Corporations, Townships, Water boards, Aquaculture Units etc, have been covered.

PERFECT CHLORO SYSTEM is one of the leading manufacturers of Chlorination Systems and accessories on a turnkey basis in India.The Unit is registered with the National Small Industries Corporation Limited, a Government of India Enterprise.The Unit is registered with the Department of Industries and Commerce, State of Tamilnadu as a SSI Unit. Permanent SSI Number is 330276014 dated 17.11.1993. The Unit is registered with Sales Tax Department under Sales Tax Act.TNGST number is 1040950/1993-94. CST Number is 28486/dated 7.9.93.Area Code is 053. The Unit is registered with Service Tax Department under Service Tax Reg.No CAI/CHENNAI-II/687/STC& MRS/CHENNAI-II/1984/STC.Dt.10.11.2005.The Unit provides Employees Provident Fund [EPF] and Employees State Insurance [ESI] benefits to its Employees. EPF number is TN/65587 and ESIC Number is 51/78098-34. The Import Export Code number for the unit is 0404015018 issued on 23.09.04. The Permanent Assessment Number PAN of the Proprietor is AAJPJ6292Q. We have ISO 9001:2008 Certification for Quality Management Systems. Our ISO Certification Number is 10171-QMS-00278.


The Administrative Office & Works is located at No . A – 2 4 , SIDCO Industrial  Estate , Villivakkam , Chennai – 600049 . Tamilnadu . India . Email : perfectchloro @ vsnl . com , perfec tchloro @ yahoo . co . in , th TheRegistered Office is located at # 18& 20 , 39 street , G. K . M Colony , Chennai – 600082 . Tamilnadu. India. Email:

About our Products

  • We Design, Manufacture, Supply, Service, Erect, Test and Commission both Vacuum Feed and Gravity Feed Types / all Models of Chlorination Systems and Accessories on a turnkey basis. The Capacity Ranges from 100 Gms/hr to 250 Kgs/hr. Any kind of Automation can be provided.
  • We Design, Manufacture, Supply, Erect and Commission Electrically Heated or Steam Heated Evaporators for Chlorine upto 1000 Kgs/Hr. We also Design, Manufacture, Supply, Erect and Commission Evaporators for Sulphur-di-oxide and Ammonia.
  • We Design, Manufacture, Supply, Erect and Commission Electro – Chlorinators for onsite generation of Sodium Hypochlorite with capacities ranging from 15 Gms/Hr to 15 Kgs/Hr Chlorine equivalent.
  • All the products are tailor made for each client’s requirements.
  • We also undertake Operation and Maintenance / Annual Maintenance / Servicing / Revamping / Erection and Commissioning / Supply of Spares for any Make, any Capacity, any Model, any Type of Chlorination System.
  • “Quality is our mantra” and it is practiced right from selection of raw materials to production of finished goods and till completion of work, to the fullest satisfaction of the Client.
    We have ISO 9001:2000 Certification for Quality Management Systems.

Our Other Products and Services

  • Gas Chlorinators from 100 gms/hr to 250 kgs/hr [Vacuum Feed or Gravity Feed Type, Cylinder Mounted, Frame / Wall / Floor Mounted Cabinet Models in Manual or Automatic operating mode]
  • Evaporator Systems for Chlorine, Sulphur Dioxide or Ammonia [Steam Heated or Electrically Heated]
  • Electro Chlorinators: Capacity: 15 gms/hr to 15 kgs/hr. [Batch or Continuous Production Models]
  • Sodium Hypochlorite Dosing Systems.
  • Comprehensive Chlorine Tonner Leak Absorption System. [Auto Chlorine Leak Absorption System (ACLAS) or Scrubbing System]. Both Ton Containers leak evacuation & neutralization or the evacuation of leak in Chlorination Ton Containers Room/Chlorination Plant Room & neutralization of the same, can be designed & implemented on Turnkey basis. Simpler Chlorine Tonner Leak Neutralisation System [in Alkali Pit or Tank] can also be provided.
  • Chlorine Tonners Storage & Handling Systems: Tonner Roller Supports, Lifting Beam with Adjustable Hooks, Hoists & Trolley (Electrical or Manual), Platform Weighscale (Dial type or Electronic), Crane Weighscale etc.
  • Chlorine Safety Equipment: Tonner Emergency Kit [Type-B]/Cylinder Leak Emergency Kit [Type-A], Chlorine Gas Leak Detector with one or two sensors, Air Breathing Apparatus, Positive Airline Breathing Apparatus with Cylinders and Trolley, Emergency Eye-wash and Shower, Gas Mask with Canister, Air Reusitator, Windsock, Ammonia Torch, Full face mask & PVC Suit, Gloves, Boots, First Aid Kit, Display Charts etc.
  • Chlorine Testing and Monitoring Equipment: Free Residual Chlorine Analyser, Mass Flow meter, Manual Chlorine Test Kit, Comparators, Chloroscope, Reagents etc.
  • Chlorine Gas Leak Detectors.
  • Filled Chlorine Cylinders [55kgs, 80kgs & 100kgs] & Chlorine Ton Containers
  • Water Treatment Chemicals Dosing Systems.
  • All FRP Fabrication and installation works. [FRP Pipes, Tanks, Vessels, Lining etc.]
  • Supply of Spares, Servicing, Revamping of any capacity, type, model of Chlorination System and Accessories.
  • Operation & Maintenance, Annual Maintenance of Chlorination Plants.

About our Manufacturing Facilities


The factory is located in the Villivakkam -SIDCO Industrial Estate, Chennai -49, and has got good Infrastructure facilities like power, transport, availability of skilled labor, raw materials etc. Our second unit is being set-up in SIDCO Industrial Estate, Tirumulaivoyal.


PERFECT CHLORO SYSTEM has all the basic machinery and tools, and tackles required for manufacturing Chlorination Plant and Accessories. Third Party Quality Inspection can be done, if required, at additional cost.

Labour PERFECT CHLORO SYSTEM is manned adequately by a professional team of well qualified Staff, skilled and experienced workers. The Production, Quality, Project, Commissioning, Servicing Engineers and Technicians are highly skilled and have more than 12 years of experience in this field.